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Medical Devices Business Review
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FOBA - Manufacturer of Laser Systems for Marking Medical Devices and Products

FOBA is a leading manufacturer of laser systems for identifying, marking and engraving sensitive materials and devices for the medical sector.

Marking and engraving on medical devices

FOBA laser marking and engraving workstations are used in the medical technology industry for marking medical devices, such as medical and surgical instruments, as well as implants.

Compliant laser markers

Our laser marking solutions support producers of medical devices that must comply with legal regulations (UID), and are obliged to apply all ID marks reliably and with repeat accuracy. To identify a part, it is essential to properly mark it, and FOBA offers this closed loop laser marking solution.

Worldwide supplier of medical laser systems

As part of ALLTEC GmbH, FOBA serves as a worldwide sales channel for laser part marking and engraving. FOBA's product line covers OEM marking lasers for integration, production systems/lines, stand-alone laser marking workstations, as well as laser engraving machines. FOBA offers various laser technologies and value-adding accessories/options, such as vision systems.

Laser markings for medical technology

FOBA's variety of wavelengths, performance categories and pulse widths means that nearly every material can be applied with reliable and permanent markings that are compliant with strict hygiene requirements and medical legal regulations.

The laser markings on materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, silver, ceramics or various plastics, are easily readable and traceable even after hundreds of sterilizations. Medical devices are laser marked contact-free, clean, without the aid of inks or solvents and have absolutely plain surfaces that prevent germs from sticking on them. Typical medical applications include the laser marking and engraving of the following:

  • Surgical and dental instruments
  • Implants, such as bone plates, hips and artificial joints
  • Medical plastics and devices, such as catheters or insulin pumps

laser systems
FOBA application: medical clamp with 2D code (process: annealing)

Laser marking - quality assurance and traceability

High-quality laser marks, applied with FOBA laser technology, are ideal for ensuring quality assurance and traceability. As such, individually manufactured implants are laser marked with individual 2D codes. Prior to implanting, these 2D codes can be used to check that the one and only implant for the respective patient is used. Alternatively, a laser marked 2D code that lasts a lifetime can be used for tracing the part and distinguishing it from illegal copies.

Such code and traceability options are integrated into FOBA's high-performance laser marking software, MarkUS. What's more, the use of the vision system, IMP (intelligent mark positioning), ensures that only correct codes are marked on the correct parts and on the correct position of the part. FOBA IMP automatically detects the position of a device and aligns the marking/engraving content accordingly. Optical verification is used to verify both laser marking content and position. Product waste and quality issues are reduced to a minimum, and a reliable high-precision production process is guaranteed.

foba cannula
FOBA application: cannula with hygienic laser marking

Contact details:

An der Trave 27-31
23923 Selmsdorf
Phone: +49 38823 55-0
Fax: +49 38823 55-222
Email: info@fobalaser.com
Website: www.fobalaser.com

Anja Weich
Marketing Communications

Phone: +49 38823 55-393
Email: aweich@foba.de

Stefanie Kondziella
Marketing Communications

Phone: +49 38823 55-391
Email: stkondziella@foba.de