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A Guide to Designing for Sterilization
| By Synergy Health
The technology alternatives open to medical device manufacturers when considering sterilization of their products are diverse. This guide from Isotron will provide insight into the principal sterilization methodologies and some considerations from product design and materials performance perspectives.
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Advantech Medical Computing: The Emergence of Patient Infotainment
| By Advantech Medical Computing
Why is patient infotainment important and why do we consider it a major opportunity in the medical segment? Because the internet and the web have become integral parts of our lives, both for work and for entertainment. People use computers to communicate, get the news, watch video, shop, participate in online communities and much more. Why should these essential services not be available in hospitals?
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An all-inclusive package
| By Assembled Electronics Solutions
Nigel Maris knows the frustrations of trying to find a medical device that meets every need and, as he explains, that’s why he founded Assembled Electronics Solutions, a company that addresses every step of the process necessary to turn an initial idea into a fully formed medical device – from design to distribution and everything in between.
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Anodisation and Hard Anodic Oxidation for Medical Technology
| By AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH
Weight reduction means energy savings with fewer heavy masses to be moved. The more light metal alloys are employed, the higher the requirements become for wear and corrosion protection. Considering the demand for recyclability of base materials, anodic layers of aluminium alloys represent ideal surface treatments – even for medical-technical devices.
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Article: Implants made from PEEK
| By Evonik Industries
As an implant material, polyetheretherketone has established a firm position in a market defined not by large piece counts, but by custom-designed individual solutions. Evonik has met this challenge with VESTAKEEP® PEEK.
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Article: The Advantage of Plastic
| By Evonik Industries
Implants for the human body place heavy demands on the material used. For a long time, the materials favoured for the purpose were the metals titanium and cobalt-chromium. But now high-performance plastics are gaining ground.
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As dynamic as your business ideas Informative presentation on the Canton of Berne, Switzerland
| By Berne Economic Development Agency
The Canton of Berne enjoys a well-developed infrastructure, low rates of company taxation, an outstanding education and training system, and a well-qualified workforce able to speak several languages. Its central location within Switzerland and Europe makes it ideal for servicing European sales markets.
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Autoinjectors From Planning to Launch
| By SHL Group
Injectable drug delivery devices such as pen injectors and autoinjectors show a significant growth potential in the future. This white paper focuses on the development process of an autoinjector project from planning to launch and best practices on how to prepare for and address potential challenges along the way.
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Automatic Controller Setting for Electric Drives
| By maxon motor
Perfect control of current, speed and position is a fundamental requirement for modern positioning control. However, optimum setting of all control parameters and feed-forward control values is by no means trivial. An intelligent, automated setting procedure handles this complex task.
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