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Safety in Medical Electrical Equipment Starts with the Power Input
Electrical equipment used in medical technology must not place patients or medical staff in danger. This, in turn, requires that designing safe equipment starts at the point where the power is supplied. Power connectors and power entry modules with or without a power-line filter must fulfill the requirements of the base standard for medical electrical equipment, IEC/UL 60601-1.
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| By Schneeberger Linear Technology
In its positioning systems SCHNEEBERGER Systems uses the tried and tested components and expertise of SCHNEEBERGER linear motion technology and mineral casting, and is able to consistently implement these diverse resources into customer-specific total solutions.
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SHL Group: Auto Injectors - From Planning to Launch
| By SHL Group
Preparing for the overall development process.
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Silicones for Healthcare Applications
| By Bluestar Silicones
Bluestar Silicones is dedicated to serving the Healthcare market by improving the quality of medical and health devices and building a lasting partnersip you can rely upon. For more information please download this free white paper.
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Skin Care and Wound Management
| By Bluestar Silicones
Silicones have long been recognised as biocompatible and effective materials for a variety of wound and skin care applications. For more information please download this free white paper.
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Skin-Friendly Silicone
| By Bluestar Silicones
Advance wound care products represent a $4.9 billion global market and competition in this sector is rapidly increasing. Many believe silicone gels will be the material of choice for advanced wound dressings going into the future. For more information please download this free white paper.
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Solutions for Medical Devices and In-Vitro Medical Devices
| By Schaffner
EMC and power quality for electrical medical devices.
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Solutions for Medical Equipment
| By Kitron
Kitron is one of the leading European EMS/CMS (electronic manufacturing /contract manufacturing services) suppliers, serving professional medical equipment manufacturers/OEMs more than 25 years, with a focus on electronics. To find out more, please download this free white paper.
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Specialised Project & Technology Transfer – Precision Neurosurgical Equipment
| By SHL Group
An established manufacturer of Integrated Circuit (IC) testing equipment from Germany was following a global sourcing initiative and needed to search for a suitable supplier in Asia that had experience in manufacturing and offered strong production capabilities. Sustaining high quality manufacturing in an environment with established quality systems was vital to the manufacturer and became one of the key determining factors when choosing the right supplier.
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Specialised Project & Technology Transfer- Laboratory Equipment & Automated Systems
| By SHL Group
A US-based company dedicated to developing intelligent inspection solutions and equipment for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries wanted to partner with an established manufacturer, possessing design and engineering capabilities as well as appropriate in-house quality systems. With lab equipment that finds defects in medical syringes, vials, cartridges, test tubes, and other medical containers, it was vital for the manufacturing partner to have ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality systems in place.
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Spectral Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images of Breast Cancer Preparations
| By Carinthian Tech Research (CTR)
Scientific cancer research is based on the microscopic monitoring of cells and tissue. Now, methods of spectral image processing improve the image contrast and support medical diagnostics via software solutions.
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STERISYS Solutions and Services
Please download this free company brochure for more on STERISYS.
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Stimulus Spending Brings Medical Application to Life: Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Records
| By Advantech Medical Computing
Governments worldwide are pouring billions of dollars into health information technology. This is a huge new opportunity for embedded developers, but the opportunity comes with challenges. Medical settings have unique requirements in areas such as sealing, electromagnetic interference, and regulatory compliance.
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Stock Shapes Machining Guidelines
| By Evonik Industries
Under the brand name VESTAKEEP® Evonik offers polyetheretherketone materials and compounds in precisely the delivery form you need for your PEEK application. Our materials are offered as powders, granules and stock shapes.
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Supply Chain Management – Surface Mount Technology & Solar Cell Manufacturing
| By SHL Group
A leading provider of screen printing equipment located in the UK with an established presence in China was looking for a manufacturing partner that was capable of taking over their supply chain management while maintaining international quality standards. With markets largely located in Asia, the company hoped to find a partner within the region that not only possessed the key manufacturing capabilities required, but one that could also offer western style management to ensure that the technology transfer would go smoothly.
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Surgical Robots for Minimally Invasive Procedures
| By maxon motor
The latest, next generation surgeries are being performed today using Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s (Sunnyvale, CA) da Vinci™S HD Surgical System, which allows surgeons to perform the most minimally invasive procedures to date. The system incorporates the height of motion control technologies so that every motion provides the smooth, accurate movements reminiscent of a skilled surgeon - even at slow, calculated speeds.
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