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Tailor-Made Products Meet Healthcare Market's Needs
| By Bluestar Silicones
Medical device makers are seeking new material solutions to inhibit bacterial growth and combat the increase in cases of hospital-borne infections. Factors such as the increasing number of hospital acquired infection (HAI) cases and insurance carriers such as Medicare and Medicaid adjusting their coverage policies have lead to greater use of antimicrobial coated medical devices. The impetus on hospitals to reduce the likelihood of these infections is pushing medical device makers to explore new antimicrobial solutions. As a result, antimicrobial additive alternatives including those for silicones are poised for strong growth over the next several years.
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Tailor-Made Solutions: Biotechnology
| By The Canton of Solothurn
Where Science meets Business: Are you looking for a location for your biotech company?
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Tailor-Made Solutions: Life Sciences
| By The Canton of Solothurn
Technology center Witterswil Labs, offices, manufacturing space in our bio valley
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Tailor-Made Solutions: Medical Technology
| By The Canton of Solothurn
Manufacturers, subcontractors, service and research companies: Are you active in the fields of precision and medical technology?
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Taming China's Clinical Trial 'Dragon'
| By World Courier
With a population in excess of 1.3 billion and low technical costs, China is a highly attractive venue for clinical trials. In this article, current regulations and permit requirements are examined and a transportation case study is presented. Local solutions and important considerations for choosing appropriate "in country" service providers are also discussed.
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The Advantage of Plastic - High-performance plastics from Evonik yield a different quality of implant
| By Evonik Industries
Implants for the human body place heavy demands on the material used. For a long time, the materials favored for the purpose were the metals titanium and cobalt-chromium. But now high-performance plastics are gaining ground.
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The Antibody Dilemma
| By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
The antibody dilemma presents two alternatives: 1) continue touse antibodies of uncertain quality, or 2) usedemanding molecular alternatives to clonal antibodies. The solution is for both researchers using antibodies and companies sellingantibodies to understand the process of validationand embrace the concept of fit-for-purpose reagents.
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The Art of a Prototyping Machine Shop
| By Protomatic
All businesses when developing or enhancing a new product are limited by their available or assigned resources. Startup companies typically do not have enough staff or cannot afford a full time staff of experienced multi-disciplined engineers. One of the best techniques to bring your product to market is to work with a good Machine Shop to supply your mechanical engineering tasks and early production needs.
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The Canton of Solothurn – A fiscally attractive business location
| By The Canton of Solothurn
The Canton of Solothurn has a modern and flexible corporatetaxation system. The relationship between the Tax Office and tax payers is akin to a partnership and characterized by mutual trust.
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The Canton of Solothurn – Your ideal business location in Switzerland
| By The Canton of Solothurn
We are pleased to present to you the advantages of our Canton in this brochure. You will discover some less known facts about our location and maybe you will be surprised to see how diverse and attractive our region is and what great quality of life this actually not quite so small part of the world can offer to you.
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The Healthy Pulse of Technology
| By congatec
The Internet of Everything will bring together old and new technologies in a way that will ultimately benefit the entire medical industry.
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The Resolution Revolution
| By congatec
congatec's embedded computers with the 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors provide a greater opportunity for medical imaging solutions with triple independent 4k resolution Multi-Stream Transport (MST).
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The Urgent Need for Qualified Transportation Providers in Global Clinical Research
| By World Courier
In light of sobering statistics from the MHRA, WHO and others about the quality of temperature-controlled drugs and medicinal products arriving at global research sites, regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies alike are demanding that every party involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain conform to GxP guidelines. This article outlines the main precepts of GxP as it applies to the pharmaceutical transport industry and offers insight on securing the global CTM supply chain.
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TipCover Optimum Protection for Delicate Tips and Edges
| By rose plastic
Ideal for the protection of tips and edges of surgical instruments and applications.
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Touch Display Sensors
| By Planar Systems
This ebook provides a quick overview of how to choose your next touchscreen and the touch sensor that will work best for your project.
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Traco Power: Medical Power Solutions Product Portfolio 2018
TRACO POWER products for applied versus non-applied medical requirements
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Trocellen PO Foam with Advanced Surface Treatment
| By Trocellen
This white paper outlines the properties and benefits of Trocellen's PO foam with advanced surface treatment.
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Trusting the Next Step
| By maxon motor
Enjoying life to the fullest – Taking carefree strolls through shopping malls, cycling with friends or perhaps going on a mountain hiking tour. With the right leg prosthesis, being active can be part of day-to-day life again. Ottobock and maxon motor give people a new quality of life.
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